Hi! I am a PhD candidate in physics at MIT with research interests in high-energy astrophysics and experimental cosmology. My main PhD work is in turning the CHIME Telescope into a very long baseline interferometry experiment, with the goal of pinpointing the redshift (and the distance) of thousands of fast radio bursts with low latency. Within the CHIME/FRB collaboration I am also leading the search for gravitationally-lensed FRBs using CHIME/FRB data. I used to do optical atomic spectroscopy and experimental quantum optics, but those projects are on the back burner for me indefinitely.


  • Fast Radio Bursts
  • Cosmology
  • Statistical Inference
  • High-Performance Computing


  • PhD in Physics, 2018-Present

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Visiting Researcher, 2017-2018

    Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) Vienna

  • B.S. in Physics, Mathematics, 2013-2017

    Harvey Mudd College


Awards, scholarships, etc.

Student Paper Competition Winner

For my paper on localizing FRBs with CHIME and the CHIME Pathfinder:

Fellowship Finalist

Astronaut Scholar